When you have planning in your DNA, no task is difficult to accomplish. Pretty unlike the other players in the market, we, as a team believe in giving some very differential services to our clients and this starts from helping them plan a customized tour, tailor made exactly to their needs and demands. We believe that no amount of personalization is enough when it comes to a long cherished holiday and hence it's just best if you were to detail down your expectations via the form below and we could call you right back once we have understood what you need. Of course, you always have the option of calling or emailing us as well but this form should make your life a whole lot easier thereby saving your precious time and effort, both. Having said that, kindly feel free to drop us an email or even call us on our co-ordinates in case if you'd like to discuss the personalized tours over a call.


Ever felt like the need to suddenly go away on a holiday ? Pack your bags and set sail for a brand new destination, the unexplored part of the globe awaits you. But, wait a second, there is one major showstopper, the availability of a Visa on such short notice and the associated documentation around the same. How does one navigate through or around the requirement of a last minute Visa ? This can be a huge dampener when it comes to your last minute vacation plans. Don't worry, we have a solution to everything including this as well. Here's a list of countries which don't need a long wait period when it comes to issuance of Visas, as a matter of fact, you can easily get a Visa=On-Arrival thereby allowing you to plan your last minute vacations absolutely hassle free and with complete peace of mind. We help you get all the paperwork done and if you'd like to use the online links and take care of the paperwork yourself, kindly be our guest and go right ahead. Let's take a look at where all you could plan your last minute vacation without any hassles and with complete peace of mind.
Countires such as :
1. Thailand 2. HongKong (Pre Authorization required. Click Here for Link) 3. Macau 4. Mauritius 5. Maldives 6. Bhutan 7. Nepal 8. Sri Lanka 9. Seychelles 10. Fiji 11. Bali 12. Kenya 13. Jordan
are having VISA ON ARRIVAL facility, so why to wait for? Travel with Pinnacle and get complete peace of mind, like never before, even on a last minute journey to any part of the globe. That's what we call service assurance and we are sure that you'll love what we have to offer !!

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