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One of the best things about going on a Cruise is that you get so much time to be with yourself. Relax your senses like never before with our amazing line up of Cruise options. There's one for every budget and you can feel like a king on any of the options that we get for you. Every Cruise Holiday gets with it the opportunity of exploring a range of new continents and countries within them. Plus you get to experience the hospitality of our Liners day in and day out, feast on the local flavors and immerse yourself in the rich history of the land. There's even great room for all your family members, be it the elders or your kids, there's something for everyone in the group. Also, the large varieties of entertainment options on board the Liners help you live a vacation like you've never lived one before.
So, let's take you on a quick tour of what all we've got in store for you, this is guaranteed to make you smile like never before.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

So, what do we have in store for you ?

Here's a few things that will leave you gasping for breath :
Revolutionary Ships : innovation has guided us to build ships that are destinations unto themselves. Get into one and you'll end up doing more, seeing more and living more !!
Great Dining Options : irrespective of whichever ship you sail on, you will end up getting the best of dining experiences. Savour the food of the seas and of the local land as well.
Best In Class : technology, entertainment, adventure and more, all you need is your companion and we'll have you on the best holiday that you've ever been to so far in life
World Class Service : hospitality is our second name, experience our award winning crew as they make you feel more than confortable. At the end of the trip, we'll have you wishing that you would never have to leave
Amazing Destinations : 25 Ships sailing every major sea on the globe, 272 incredible destinations in 77 countries and the best of on shore adventure and entertainment, wherever you may land !!

The excitement is about to hit another level, hop on and stay amazed !!

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OASIS Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean Cruises :
Present to you the "OASIS Of The Seas" and the "Anthem Of the Seas". These liners can give the best ones out there a run for their time and money, both. Experience world class hospitality with the best in line services which will make you drool for lots more.

It's the moment, you've been waiting for, just revel in the moment, have fun and let the good times take over and give you a memory of a lifetime. This isn't just a holiday, it's an adventure that you'll never forget !!

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Star Cruises

Known as one of the best Cruise Lines in the world, our services and pricing are beyond excellence. It's just not possible for one to not look at our options a second time, we promise you delivery in service excellence like never before. If you want to have a good time in the High Seas, you need to be with Star Cruise and you'll get the memory of a lifetime, check out what we have on offer.

SuperStar Virgo

Discover the Splendour of Virgo : This 13 Storeyed massive liner is the flagship of the Star Cruises in Asia. A wide choice of restaurants and bars serve culinary masterpieces of the east and west. Spectacular entertainment and Karaoke add to the enjoyment of your get away from it all adventure. Soak up the sun beside the outdoor swimming pool with it's 100 metre mega water slide. Try your hand at mini-golf. Keep fit in the gym and relax a massage or sauna. Fascinating shore excursions to idlyllic islands and intriguing destinations transport you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Facilities aboard are a plenty including some very interesting aspects like hair dressing salons and duty-free shops. And throughout your time on SuperStar Virgo, we assure you the legendary, warm Asian hospitality that is a proud signature of Star Cruises. Welcome Aboard.

SuperStar Virgo

Restaurants : 8 classic and stylish Restaurants that would tantalize your taste buds and make you feel like a king or a queen when it comes to meals !!
Rooms : elegant, classy, differently superb, that's what describes our rooms and much more. With a span of more than 9 different types of rooms to choose from, you will feel that even this aspect is nothing short of pampering your senses.
Guest Services :
Helipad | Internet | Library / Writing Room
Activity Center | Money Exchange Counter
Photo Gallery | Sunset Boulevard
Membership Counter | Grand Piazza
The Promenade | Medical Center

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SuperStar Gemini

Holiday In Style : We assure you memories that you'll cherish forever by taking you away from the hustle and bustle of every day life to beautiful destinations that make you come alive. But most importantly, what you do or don't do is entirely yours. Recreational activities and excursions are completely available, yet you can opt for freestyle cruising if that's your choice and feel completely at home with whatever you do. Enjoy the sunrise or the sunset, grove on the dance floor, sleep throughout the day, feel relaxed in the lap of nature or simply do what you do best, have fun !! Aboard your wonderful voyage, luxury meets comfort in our suites and staterooms. Bask in the comfort of a queen size bed with a living room and luxurious bedroom in Executive Suites. Admire stunning views from the private sanctuary of an OceanView Stateroom. And throughout your escapade aboard SuperStar Gemini, we assure the legendary, warm Asian hospitality that is a proud signature of Star Cruises.

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SuperStar Gemini

Guest Services:
- Choice of 8 tantalizing restaurants
- Choose from over 8 different varieties of rooms
- Mahjong Room
- Activity Center
- Membership Counter
- Photo Gallery
- Currency Exchange and Money Remittances
- Shore Excursion Counter
- Medical Center

& much more...