Customer's The King and he always has the final word on everything that we say or do. In today's day and time, it would be foolish to not learn from our mistakes and also not give differential services to our customers because if we wont do so, someone else gladly will and then it would be too late in the day for us to make amends or changes to the situation. Our customer diaries highlight the high end value system that we have built the company on and how this has helped our customers in the long run both from a value perspective as well as from a delivery excellence point of view. After all, customer relations aren't built in a day and neither are they built on weak foundations. Here's the value principle that we stand for :


If you reach us for something that you need, then we ensure that we provide you with what you rightfully deserve and that too within the committed time limits, no excuses for being late here


We know you could have gone to anyone else, but we respect the fact that you chose us over others, hence we pay back the same with complete reliance and trust which is expected from a company like ours


Your data is our data and the way we see it, we wouldn't ever want our data to be compromised. All your personal documents and copies of the same are completely secure with us, we ensure absolute discreetness and trustworthiness that your personal data is loyally ours, to be shared with none


We would rather tell you on the face than you learning about it from somewhere else. We wouldn't want to be in a situation where someone else gets you the news. Whatever we promise, we deliver!


We don't rest till we don't see that smile on your face and our umpteen number of committed clients prove that point. Check out our testimonials and you would see for yourself what we are trying to say here


We know our turf like none other, we know what you need from us and we don't ask you silly questions. Put your faith in us and we take care of what you need, it's as simple as that


Operators are available a dime a dozen, but we know that you need something different, something which will make your holiday a memorable one and will allow you to have complete peace of mind. This is guaranteed when you holiday with us. Try us out !!

It's time to let the bygones be bygones and put your faith in one of the best operators in the city. We can assure you that the next holiday of yours would be one where you wouldn't need to worry about the nuances of transactional things. Just go with the flow and let us take care of details, you will come back, rejuvenated, refreshed and raring to go. Let's make it happen !!

About Co-Founders of Pinnacle

The Co-Founders of Pinnacle, Mahek and Avinash are avid travellers and have been fond of touring new places ever since they've realised their common dream of globe trotting. No country's too far and no ocean too deep for their travels. One could call it a fairy tale journey of two partners who've left no stone unturned in order to experience the various flavours of life and in the process have gathered vast, first hand knowledge of different cultures and people across the earth. One of the primary reasons why Pinnacle qualifies to be the best travel partner for your next epic journey to a new land.
Mahek herself has been part of global companies like SOTC, SITA, Sri Lankan Airways and more whereas Avinash has spent a majority of his time in various corporate firms across the globe. They both have extensive knowledge of corporate channels as well as amazing destinations that one can travel to, which, in turn makes holidaying with Pinnacle a very different experience of it's own. A few of the countries that they've covered personally are : * Switzerland *France *Greece *Mauritius *Dubai *Singapore *Malaysia * Thailand * Sri Lanka * Bahrain * Hongkong * Maccau * China * Nepal * and domestic

Do ensure that you next holiday or business travel is managed through Pinnacle, we'll ensure that your journey is a memorable one.
Looking forward to working on your dream package !!