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A decade old firm which understands your tour needs like none other. The founding partners themselves have always been associated with the travel industry and hence know the business like hardly any one else can claim to. Great staff which undergoes training periodically and an amazing eye for detail ensures that we deliver the services you need, when you need it and where you need it. The only question asked by us is 'Hope you are happy with our service ?' With this kind of attitude, we have been able to capture the market like never before and it is high time that you experienced the power of seamless vacationing, experience Pinnacle Tours !!

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Pinnacle has always been about the best holiday packages in town. One can safely say we have a reason for every occassion, check out our most popular packages below :

Family Holidays

Family’s the time for togetherness, time to leave the rest of the stress aside and mingle in the warmth of the moment with your loved ones. Our family holidays ensure that you get engulfed in activities, which are purely personal to a family and where-in you can rejuvenate the bonds of your relationship once again. Go right ahead and explore our offerings, your family is sure to get you back for lots more !!

Honeymoon Holidays

Honeymoons are as much about getting to know that special person who is going to be your partner for life as much as they are about the right ambience and the right place to be able to get to know each other freely. Our pick on the vacation spots let you feel absolutely at home about everything around you and let’s you focus on that one thing that matters the most, the “Love” of your life !!

Cruise Holidays

A cruise is so often such a special occasion and why not ? In a country like ours especially where a large part of the population stays in land locked areas, it’s important to create an ambience which one will never forget. We ensure that all the cruises that we recommend are not just good for your family as a bond but also amazing for you as an experience, after all, a cruise is ever so special when your near and dear ones are with you, isn’t it ? Check out our Superstar cruses, GEMINI & VIRGO!

Weekend Holidays

Time is short and when the weekend approached, it appears all the more so. Even worse is the fact that most of the weekend you don't want to end up travelling if you go for a holiday. So, worry not, we've got all your worries covered and when we say so, we mean it. Check out our list of vacation spots, which will let you chill out with the people you matter, within your budget and of course within agreeable travel distance. Let's make the weekend a BIG one !!

How Pinnacle Bought A Smile To It's Customer's Face ?

It's not simple being in the travel industry and when one makes a living by ensuring that people have to have the best in class experience, the trail becomes all the more tougher. Pinnacle has been in the business of making it's customer's smile broadly for over a decade now and it's not been an easy journey. Notwithstanding, every new challenge is accepted by us with open arms and we like to take on something that hasn't been done before purely because we'd like to earn our customers for life. Frankly, there's only one way of doing that, by grabbing the opportunity with both hands and by making it one BIG EXPERIENCE for each of our customers.
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Our Services

We are immensely proud of the wide range of services that we offer and we work really hard to get that "Smile" on your face.
Here's what all we can offer and trust us, we go the distance when it comes to deliver SMILE. Take a look at our offerings below :

Domestic Holidaying

India is an unexplored territory, there's just too many places out there which need to be seen and the best way to start is by moving in for a Domestic package. Of course, we help you plan it all and go beyond the regular itinerary detail, all you need to do is ask and we'll have the solution ready for you !!

International Holidaying

Don't worry about the cost, we know how to get you the best locales in budget prices and trust us when we say that. Over a decade of experience in this field ensures that we know all the possible avenues to get you the solution of your choice. So, go right ahead and take a pick of your favourite country or countries and we'll have you in the air, at the earliest !!


When you travel international, one of the things that constantly tends to bother you is the Visa arrangement and the tons of documentation around that. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had a One Stop Shop which took care of everything and we mean everything, including Visas. That's where we stand out as a differential service provider.

Flight Bookings

Hassle free and easy to get done with, all you need is the basic documentation to be submitted to us and we'll get you the tickets of your choice and that too in the budget of your choice. Of course, we will advise you on the real situation on ground so that you don't have the wrong expectations from us, but why go elsewhere for tickets when you have us, right ?


Who doesn't want to be part of an international cruise ? We'd say no one would turn down the idea of going on a great cruise which is the perfect family vacation. Of course, budgets and a lot of other factors like safety, etc tend to get in the way and make you lose your mind to a cheaper destination. That won't happen with you anymore, choose to Cruise, with us !!


Generally holiday makers and planners don't bother to get into the details of insurance. We are just the other way around, we insist that you hear the whole story when it comes to travel insurance, not because we stand to gain, rather it's because you stand to gain and that too by a huge margin. Listen to the whole story on insurance from us and you will be taking one, right away.

Team Work

The magic of team work is best felt when you actually have a team working for you and that's what has brought in operational excellence for us in the last so many years. Yes, we may be a mid sized firm, but what matters most is how you get the details organized to get the best possible results for your clients. Our team is split into multiple verticals which take care of different segments for the customer. We almost have a shop floor approach where every specific team member is responsible fr a certain part in the chain and not of the whole chain itself. Thereby, we ensure that when one person brings in the expertise to do his / her role well, the customer is satisfied in every single stage which in turn heightens the overall pleasure that they feel during the course of the travel. We redefine the essence of "Team Work" to get you where you belong !!

About Us

A decade in the industry has sharpened our skills like none other, we've worked with a wide variety of clients and we know exactly what could be the differentiator between a good service and a great one. With over 1000 clients serviced so far across the retail and corporate sectors and a large number of returning clients, we know exactly what you need to make your holiday a great one !!

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Being Pinnacle

At Pinnacle Tours & Travel, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and we pride ourselves on that. We offer the very best tailor made packages combined with best in class customer service and price. It's all about the knowledge, skills and techniques. The founders are tour professionals who are in this field for more than 10 years.

Pinnacle Tours & Travel is highly transparent, at the very core. We believe in pampering our customers and customer feedback has always been the core to our working. A highly trained and skilled staff ensure we get it right the first time and every time.

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Our Process

Being meticulous is the key, everything that we do is recorded and retained for future consumption and no that's not because we don't believe in each other.
It's rather because we want to ensure that you believe in every word that we say. Documentation also is a great way to ensure that we
don't miss out on our commitments. That's the only way you'll love us for who we are !!